• Marginal gains are what it’s all about

    Marginal gains are what it’s all about

    A while back saw @johnsaddington tweet about yet another book that wasn’t all the marketing hype said it would be. When I probed further he pointed me to this blog post. The short version is that the book content didn’t ‘stick’ in his life. John has an interesting point here about the things we keep […]

  • You need to anticipate your time realistically

    You need to anticipate your time realistically

    This is an excerpt from my upcoming book “Don’t be an Idiot: Run a Viable Business”. Join the email list to get updated on the project, get advanced access and some extra snippets of free content. When I started freelancing a ‘huge’ project was $5k. When I say huge I mean that I dreamed of…

  • That place deep inside filled

    That place deep inside filled

    I’ve written already about how I take time off for me so that I can recharge and give my full attention to the work at hand. I’ve typically been riding my bicycle lately but due to a sick wife last weekend I ended up hiking with my 2 year old daughter. You know what there…

  • The power of ‘no’ in bussiness

    The power of ‘no’ in bussiness

    I’ve started to read Getting Things Done again and within the first few pages I’ve been struck with one thought. People don’t say no enough Let’s look at a few of my highlights already. All the emphasis is mine. …people have enhanced quality of life, but at the same time they are adding to their…

  • Freelance Fantasy Land

    Freelance Fantasy Land

    I’ve been struggling with motivation lately which to many working ‘regular’ jobs seems pretty silly. I mean I work at home, I can have lunch with my kid and I ride my bike Friday afternoon’s. I have little to complain about. But there is an underlying current of just not being happy with the specifics…

  • Are you selling the dream or a feature list?

    Are you selling the dream or a feature list?

    What are you selling me? Yeah sure it’s a service and you’ve got features but that’s not what really sells me on your product. WPtroubleshooter Take a look at WPtroubleshooter, what are they selling? On the surface they’re selling security, backups, development, spam clean up and a few other things. But that’s not what they’re…

  • Focus is damn hard

    Focus is damn hard

    Focus is damn hard. I’ve got about 10 ideas for businesses and products slamming around in my head today alone. Most are crap but there are bound to be a few gems and maybe even one that takes hold. I’m awesome at starting projects. Take the book I wrote in the last 2 weeks. It…

  • Stuck


    I watched Horrible Bosses last night. The premise is that these 3 guys have terrible bosses and that they are ‘stuck’ in their jobs. They have to put up with all this crap for their bosses and have no place to turn but stick with that job. That is a load of bullshit If you…

  • Shipping often – not just for SAAS

    Shipping often – not just for SAAS

    You need to read this article on shipping software. It’s not just true for SAAS software it’s true for client services. Decreasing your code shipping time can improve your client relationships. Let my walk you through how I deploy code and databases during site development and why I think it helps my client relationships. One…

  • Looking a Medium

    Looking a Medium

    Medium looks really interesting as a content platform. There are reasons that the content seems to be higher quality (and read the comments) than on personally run blogs. At the same time there are reasons you may not want to write on Medium The design card Medium demolishes and destroys Blogger and in design……